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Seed Treatment


Be ready. And be protected.

  • A frontline insecticide, along with four fungicide active ingredients, delivering broad-spectrum protection against key seed- and soil-borne diseases such as blackleg, as well as base protection against flea beetles*


* Vercoras® seed treatment is an on-seed application of Vercoras F3 seed treatment, Poncho® 600 FS seed treatment insecticide and Vercoras XC seed treatment.

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Labels & SDS

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Benefits of Vercoras

  • A frontline insecticide with four fungicide active ingredients
  • Broad-spectrum protection against both flea beetles and key seed- and soil-borne diseases

Performance Trials

Flea beetle trials

Rhizoctonia challenged trials plant stand

Fusarium challenged trials

Fusarium challenged trials disease index  

Product Info & Application Guide

Disease and Pest Management

Flea beetles (base control)


Alternaria spp. Seed- and soilborne alternaria spot
Fusarium spp. Seed rot
Seedling blight
Root rot
Pythium spp. Seed rot
Seedling blight
Rhizoctonia solani Seed rot
Seedling blight
Root rot
Airborne blackleg* (Leptosphaeria maculans) Vercoras seed treatment will reduce blackleg infection on the cotyledons and early leaves and help reduce lodging and the degree of stem infection later in the season.
Leptosphaeria maculans
Seed- and soilborne blackleg

*Residue/soil-borne blackleg