a bushel of potatoes
Product name - Headline Fungicide


Group 11


Provides systemic control of both early blight and late blight, the two most devastating diseases of potatoes.

  • Proven, effective control of early and late blight, including sensitive strains
  • Will not wash off; it’s systemic and rainfast in under 1 hour to ensure long-lasting control, even under adverse conditions
  • Excellent tank-mix or rotation partner with fungicides of a different mode of action

Labels & SDS


Labels & SDS

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Benefits of Headline

Unprecedented Control of Key Disease

  • The formulation and chemical properties of Headline fungicide allow it to bind tightly to the waxy cuticle when applied to the leaf’s upper surface.
  • The systemic properties also allow Headline to move through the leaf and control disease on the lower surface of the leaf.
  • This unique activity enables Headline to protect both sides of the leaf regardless of the side it is applied to, delivering dual-sided protection.
  • Once applied, Headline stops spore germination, preventing spores from infecting plant tissue.
  • By interfering with fungal cell respiration and the production of energy, Headline fungicide also causes fungi to stop growing and die.

Product Info & Application Guide

When to Apply

Prior to row closure or when conditions become favourable for the development of disease (whichever comes first).

  • Headline fungicide should be used preventatively.
  • Under high disease pressure and during rapid growth, use the higher rate and tank mix it with a multisite fungicide.
  • Refer to the respective tank-mix partner label for rates, additional recommendations, restrictions and precautions.

How Much to Apply

  • Rate: 0.45 to 0.67 L/ha (0.18 to 0.27 L/ac)