bushel of potatoes
product name - Zidua SC herbicide

Zidua SC

Group 15


Early-season management of key annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in potatoes.

  • Group 15 chemistry delivers residual management of tough weeds, including resistant redroot pigweed, lamb’s quarters, waterhemp and wild oats
  • Residual activity stops germinating weed seedlings before weeds emerge
  • Ideal tank-mix partner for pre-emergent weed control in potatoes

Labels & SDS


Labels & SDS

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Benefits of Zidua SC

  • The residual activity of this Group 15 active provides suppression of key grass and broadleaf weeds in potatoes  
  • Requires rainfall to go into solution to then be taken up by the roots and shoots of germinating weeds before or shortly after weed emergence

Product Info & Application Guide

Weeds Controlled

Weeds suppressed in potatoes*                                                           



Common waterhemp


Lamb’s quarters

Redroot pigweed



Foxtail (green, yellow)

Wild oats


*Refer to label for complete list of weeds controlled and suppressed for other registered crops.


When to Apply

In potatoes, apply at pre-emergence (after planting and hilling). Refer to label for complete details.

How Much to Apply

One case of Zidua SC herbicide will treat 84 to 165 acres.

Potatoes (pre-emerge)** 49 to 97 ml/ac (120 to 240 ml/ha)***

*Refer to label for complete list of registered crops.
** Do not apply Zidua SC in soils classified as sand.
*** Early-season residual suppression.

Tank Mixes

Herbicides for potatoes: Glyphosate, Sencor® 480 F

*Refer to label for complete list of tank mixes for other registered crops.

Application Tips

  • A minimum of 2 inches of soil covering the vegetative portion of potato plants following drag-off or hilling is required
  • Zidua SC must be applied and activated by moisture prior to weed emergence
  • Do not use on peat or muck soils with 7% or more organic content

Follow Crops

Consult the label for rotational crop restrictions before using.