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Your corn's got potential. It’s time to realize it.

As the world’s top crop, corn hybrids are continuously being developed with desirable traits to meet your farming needs. But realizing your corn’s yield potential doesn’t depend on genetics alone. Explore innovative solutions to help you tackle weeds and diseases all through the season.

Solutions for herbicide-tolerant corn.

Corn Staging Chart East
Corn Staging Chart East




Corn School: How Tillage Impacts Weed Control

Plenty of things are showing signs of life right about now in Ontario, including the weeds. To determine how to control these yield-robbing plants in the weeks ahead, Bernard Tobin is joined by Rob Miller, agronomist at BASF, in this episode of the Corn School.

Corn School: Avoid That Cold Drink of Water at Planting

One of the keys to a high-yielding corn crop is even, uniform emergence. On this episode of Corn School, Ken Currah, BASF Canada agronomist and business representative, shares some research from the company with RealAg's Bernard Tobin, that demonstrates both winning and losing planting scenarios from spring 2020 in Ontario.

Corn Fungicide Solutions

Corn growers will want to check this out – the exceptional disease management provided by the combination of Headline AMP and Caramba fungicides.

corn field

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