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Your best offense is a strong defense.

After years of record-setting canola acres, many growers face challenges as a consequence of tight canola rotations. Clubroot is a serious disease that can cause major yield loss. Putting an integrated pest management (IPM) plan in place is the first step to take when confronted or concerned with clubroot. Using a hybrid with built-in resistance is one tool available to help manage the disease. Maximize and protect the potential of your crop with InVigor® hybrids that contain a "C" within their name, as they've all been designed to help defend against clubroot and maximize yield.

Clubroot-resistant genetics decision tree.

InVigor has a number of clubroot-resistant options to choose from in this year’s lineup. However, not all genetic profiles should be deployed in the same way. Learn how to effectively select between first and second generation genetics by using our handy clubroot-resistant genetics decision tree.


Clubroot-resistant genetics from InVigor.

All InVigor clubroot-resistant hybrids have been developed to be resistant to the most predominant clubroot pathotypes found in Canada at the time of their registration.


InVigor L345PC and InVigor L255PC contain the same clubroot resistance profile. InVigor L234PC contains this resistance profile plus it contains second generation clubroot resistance to additional emerging clubroot pathotypes, to help combat the ever-evolving clubroot pathogen. Second generation clubroot resistance is designed to combat clubroot in fields that still (or start to) show signs of the disease, despite seeding a first generation clubroot-resistant hybrid as part of an integrated management plan.


Clubroot populations in the field can evolve or shift to new pathotypes that current resistant hybrids may be susceptible to. These new pathotypes may become dominant in the clubroot population if no additional integrated pest management approaches are taken and canola hybrids with similar resistance profiles are used repeatedly in the same field. To maximize the durability of genetic resistance in canola hybrids, use an integrated pest management strategy that includes extending rotations in areas where clubroot is a concern. We support the Canola Council of Canada’s agronomic recommendations when growing these InVigor hybrids.


To extend the effectiveness of clubroot resistance genes and when growing clubroot-resistant hybrids in fields known to contain clubroot, we recommend growing first generation clubroot-resistant hybrids for two cycles or until clubroot symptoms appear, whichever comes first. Only after one of these conditions is met should you consider switching to second generation resistant hybrids.


Incorporating a clubroot-resistant hybrid into your integrated pest management plan is an excellent tool to aid in clubroot management.

Pod Shatter Reduction hybrids.

The patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology from InVigor continues to revolutionize the way canola growers approach their entire season – especially around harvest.


2021 InVigor hybrid canola lineup.

See everything you need to know about the updated InVigor hybrid canola lineup for the 2021 season, including two new 300 series hybrids.