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BASF is proud to have deep roots in farming communities across Canada. Whether it’s through the strength of our partnerships with industry associations or academic and research organizations, or through our community sponsorships and programs, BASF is there to support farmers and their communities both on and off the field.

4-Minutes with 4-H

4-Minutes with 4-H

The 4-Minutes with 4-H video series from 4-H Canada is a collection of short conversations featuring members of the Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) and industry leaders. Supported by BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions, this series sees YAC members lead virtual discussions on topics important to 4-H’ers and youth in Canada with key individuals who are making significant contributions to their communities and industries.


We focus our corporate giving to help foster connection between innovation, technology, and humanity to ensure mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders and their communities.

Developing future leaders for agriculture

We partner with organizations that build the skills and capacity of youth to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of, as well as public knowledge and understanding for, modern agriculture.

Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in agriculture

We partner with organizations that help to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in agriculture and work to build an industry where equal opportunity is not only afforded, but celebrated, to people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

Building safe and healthy communities

We partner with organizations that are dedicated to advocating, educating, and providing the resources that contribute to safe and well communities, free from serious injury and harm, and secure in both food and nutrition, that enables humanity to live long, full lives.


Building safe, healthy communities through the Northeast Grow project

In 2021, BASF donated 9 bags of InVigor L345PC – the equivalent of 320 acres – and 20 jugs of Liberty 150 SN herbicide in support of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank’s Northeast Grow project in Bonnyville, Alberta. The canola harvested from this project was donated to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, which works with locally based organizations in developing countries to help meet their emergency food needs, achieve long-term solutions to hunger, and garner community and government support for this international cause.


In supporting this initiative, BASF partnered with retailers and farmers on a community agriculture project that they are truly passionate about, with many local farmers donating their time, equipment and often fuel to the project. We are proud to support a cause that helps to build safe and healthy communities both at home and abroad.

Reinvigorating the historic Bell Barn Society of Indian Head, SK

The Bell Barn, located in Indian Head, Saskatchewan is a heritage site constructed more than 130 years ago. Today, it serves as an educational site focused on the history of western Canadian agriculture, and has seen more than 330,000 visitors over the past 15 years. In 2020, we were asked for help. Due to COVID-19, the Bell Barn had to temporarily close, and the educational site was facing a potentially bleak future due to resulting revenue losses. BASF donated 16 bags of InVigor hybrid canola, which was auctioned off in May 2020 – and the proceeds were used to help subsidize the operations costs of the facility as well as support a capital expenditure project. With BASF’s support, the Barn mitigated revenue loss due to the pandemic, and helped to safeguard the Bell Barn’s future.

Drive Away Hunger: bringing meals to communities in need

Farming is the biggest job on earth and plays a major role in food security. At BASF, it’s our responsibility to support local communities where our people live and work by helping to provide access to an abundance of healthy and affordable food.

We believe that access to food is a basic human right, not a privilege. That’s why we’ve partnered with Farm Credit Canada’s (FCC) Drive Away Hunger campaign to bring meals to those in their communities that need it most. BASF marked its first year of national partnership in 2020 with a donation of 132,000 meals to the communities across Canada where BASF employees live and work.

Fueling bodies & minds at Riverton Collegiate

We believe in providing access to healthy, affordable food for all, and with this as our focus, in early 2021 we helped the students at Riverton Collegiate in Riverton, Manitoba by funding a hot lunch program at the school. Our donation of $7,500 ensures that Riverton students have free, nutritious lunch options during the school year. The resulting lunch program has also helped to foster more human connections for students – particularly during the difficult COVID-19 pandemic – through the preparation and sharing of good food, together.

Giving back to our InVigor growers’ communities

BASF is proud to have deep roots in farming communities across Canada and we recognize the invaluable role these communities play in the lives of growers across the country, providing them with a strong support system and network. The BASF Community Challenge is one way we’re giving back to the vital organizations across Canada that play a fundamental role in building safe and healthy communities. 


The Community Challenge, which will see a combined donation of $65,000 made on behalf of customers to their communities across Western Canada, runs throughout the fall harvest season, and calls on InVigor® hybrid canola growers to nominate a local organization or initiative for the chance to receive a community donation.


InVigor has been an iconic part of the Western Canadian agriculture community for more than 25 years, but its success wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and commitment of Canadian growers. Our annual Community Challenge is one way we’re able to show our appreciation for their ongoing support and give back to the communities where our growers live and work


University of Saskatchewan – Crop Development Centre

2020 marks 25 years of partnership between BASF and the University of Saskatchewan’s Crop Development Centre, which is a field crop research organization within the University’s Department of Plant Sciences that focuses on plant breeding and pathology to improve the agronomic and end-use performances of crops, including peas, lentils, chickpeas and wheat. One of the longest-standing public-private partnerships in Canadian agriculture, the partnership has enabled significant innovations and developments to support the future of farming in our country. To celebrate this partnership, in 2020 BASF announced a $100,000 investment to the CDC, which is contributing to building a new, world-class Enhanced Breeding Facility to help enhance the Centre’s plant breeding programs.


Canada is the fifth largest agriculture exporter in the world with Canadian pulse farmers, supplying approximately 1.7 million tonnes of pulses in 2017 alone. It’s thanks to the dedication of savvy pulse growers eager to try new technologies and innovations that Canada has earned its top spot. Innovative new products and solutions that have been brought to the market over the last 40 years by BASF have also played a critical role in ensuring the sustainability and success of Canadian pulse growers.


We are a member of Cleanfarms, which supports the proper management of inorganic agricultural waste in an environmentally responsible way. Its mission is to ensure that zero agriculture-related plastic waste and packaging go to landfill. As a member, BASF works collaboratively with others from across the agriculture supply chain to support the safe collection of plastic waste from farm operations and ensure it is recycled or safely disposed of. Our partnership with Cleanfarms, including a seat on the Board of Directors, and ensures that Canadian farm operations can take an active role in contributing to a safer, healthier environment and a sustainable future.

4-H Canada

Youth play a critical role in securing the future of Canadian agriculture. Whether it’s about motivating them to find an exciting career path within the industry, or empowering them to positively contribute to their communities, BASF is committed to supporting today’s youth in agriculture. That’s why we’ve signed a three-year partnership (2021-2023) with 4-H Canada, which is designed to help youth leaders across the country positively impact their communities and use their voices to advocate for important issues. As the national Community Engagement & Communications Pillar partner for 4-H Canada, BASF will support both national and provincial programing, including the annual Show Your 4-H Colours initiative in November. Our partnership also supports 4-H Canada’s Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) as the national voice for 4-H youth in Canada, and as contributors to the direction of 4-H operations and governance. As youth ambassadors, YAC members bring their authentic youth voices to industry events, policy discussions, consultations, and international conferences.

Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA)

Our roots within Canada’s farming communities run deep, and we want to do our part in supporting and promoting safe practices around the farm – because nothing matters more than safety. That’s why BASF has been a proud CASA partner for the past 6 years, in support of promoting safe practices around the farm. Over the years, we’ve expanded our support to focus on safety resources for children, as well as information and activities for families. In 2021, we launched our first-ever Safety Scouts program in partnership with CASA, where parents can sign up their young children to receive a free kit including a child-sized safety vest with a customizable name badge, activity sheets, a BASF Safety Scouts reward badge, and an official certificate – all designed to engage little ones in learning about farm safety in a fun, interactive way. 


In addition, BASF has supported Safety Days for children in Canada in partnership with CASA, a program that promotes farm education and safety for Canadian youth. Our partnership provides children, parents and teachers access to valuable farm safety information, ultimately advocating for farm safety and making farms a safe place to live, work and play.

Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA)

BASF’s partnership with the Canadian Federation of Agriculture is a powerful example of how we collaborate to support our industry through advocating for the issues that matter, and engage with important stakeholders to help futureproof our sector. We’re proud to be an active partner of the CFA, which acts as the unified voice that advocates for and represents over 200,000 Canadian farmers on a national level. Together, we’re working in partnership to help drive policy change. In November 2020, BASF supported the CFA’s Food for Thought campaign, which called for three specific federal policy changes, including better financial support for growers through advanced Business Risk Management (BRM) payments, the development of a national labour strategy, and the expansion of the Buy Canadian campaign to improve export opportunities and help Canada reach its export goals. Through the campaign’s targeted outreach efforts, Canada’s Minister of Agriculture & Agri-food tabled a BRM policy proposal, signifying the most movement seen on the file since 2013. It’s partnerships like these that ultimately remove barriers and inspire consumer confidence in Canada’s agricultural sector. They also allow us to be a voice for farmers and give them much-needed support within the industry and outside of it.

If you’re interested in partnering, reach out to BASF to learn more about opportunities