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4-Minutes with 4-H

The 4-Minutes with 4-H video series from 4-H Canada is a collection of short conversations featuring members of the Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) and industry leaders. Supported by BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions, this series sees YAC members lead virtual discussions on topics important to 4-H’ers and youth in Canada with key individuals who are making significant contributions to their communities and industries.

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The 4-Minutes with 4-H video series from 4-H Canada is a collection of conversations that feature a short round of questions, discussed over 4 minutes with members of the Youth Advisory Committee (YAC), BASF executives, and industry professionals. Supported by BASF, this series sees YAC members engage in short conversations on topics important to 4-H’ers in Canada, with key individuals who are making significant contributions to their community and industry.                                                       

Episode 15: Diversity and Inclusion

Join YAC member, Rebecca Fitzsimmons, guest, Andrea McConnell, Manager Customer Solutions at BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions, and Leah Sharpe as they discuss promoting diversity and inclusion in the agricultural industry in our latest episode of 4-Minutes with 4-H.                                                  

Episode 14: Environment

In the fourth episode of the third season of 4-Minutes With 4-H, Episode 14 tackles the subject of the environment.

YAC member, Robyn Bishop, guest, Jessica Monserrate, Head of Sustainability, BASF Agricultural Solutions, & Jess Newman, Senior Director of Ag & Sustainability, McCain Foods, discuss what policies and practices are in place in the agricultural industry to protect the environment.                                                   

Episode 13: Mental Health

Episode 13 tackles the subject of mental health. Join YAC member, Devin Keenan, guest, Nicole McAuley, Head of Communications & Public Affairs at BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions, & Alisa Simon, Executive Vice President of Kids Help Phone as they highlight this important topic.

Episode 12: Public Trust in the Food System

How can we positively impact trust in the food system? Listen in to the discussion by watching our latest episode of 4-Minutes with 4-H with YAC member Kianna McGregor, guest Jonathan Sweat, Vice President of Business Management at BASF Agricultural Solutions, & the honorable Marie-Claude Bibeau.

Episode 11: Innovation in Agriculture

Find out what the biggest challenges are facing innovation in agriculture, and how you can help make a difference in your community! See the 4-H YAC member from Manitoba, Emily Robb, guest, Neil Bentley, VP Market Management, Agricultural Solutions NA, and John Raines tackle this important discussion.

Episode 10: Diversity and Inclusion in Agriculture 

What does diversity and inclusion look like in Agriculture? Join NS Youth Advisory Committee rep., Matt, as he discusses this important topic with Justin Gayliard of BASF and Shannon Benner of 4-H Canada on the final episode of 4-Minutes with 4-H.

Episode 9: Recruiting Youth in the Workplace

Looking for advice on how to enter the workforce? Curious what youth are looking for in a career? Learn about it all with this episode of 4-Minutes with 4-H, featuring NL Youth Advisory Committee rep., McAuley, and Courtney White of BASF.

Episode 8: Youth Leadership and Volunteerism

This week’s episode of 4-Minutes with 4-H sees Moira, AB’s Youth Advisory Committee rep., virtually sit down with Paul Rea of BASF Agricultural Solutions to discuss Youth Leadership and Volunteerism. A topic very near and dear to many 4-H’ers!

Episode 7: Community Engagement 

What does community engagement mean to you? Get inspired with this meaningful discussion on the topic with ON Youth Advisory Committee rep., Kayla, as she sits down with Nicole McAuley of BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions and Kim McConnell.

Episode 6: Careers in Agriculture

Ever wondered how to break into a career in agriculture? Join our BC Youth Advisory Committee rep., Hannah, as she discusses this topic with Mary Robinson of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture and Jonathan Sweat with BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions.

Episode 5: Sustainability in Agriculture

In the fifth episode and first of season 2 of 4-Minutes with 4-H, sit down virtually with George (Manitoba YAC) and Lana Zdunich, the Supply and Operations Manager at BASF, as they discuss their thoughts on Sustainability in Agriculture.

Episode 4: Career Development

In the final installment of 4-Minutes with 4-H’s first season, Manitoba’s Youth Advisory Committee representative, George Meggison is joined by the Vice President of BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions, Jonathan Sweat. Watch as they provide some personal insight and great tips on career development and landing that first job!

Episode 3: Public Trust in Agriculture

In the third episode of 4-Minutes with 4-H, get to know Saskatchewan’s Youth Advisory Committee representative, Brett Rumpel and BASF’s Senior Vice President of Agricultural Solutions, Paul Rea as they dive into their thoughts on the agriculture industry of today.                                                       

Episode 2: Leadership Skills and Development 

The second episode of 4-Minutes with 4-H is all about leadership skills and development. Get a unique perspective on the topic with a light-hearted discussion between the Chair of the Youth Advisory Committee, and Ontario representative, Logan Emiry with BASF’s, Marcelo Lu.

Episode 1: Mental Health

The first episode of 4-Minutes with 4-H features a discussion between Alberta’s Youth Advisory Committee representative, Moira McRann and BASF’s Head of Human Resources, Courtney White as they sit down for an important discussion about mental health and coping in today’s virtual society.