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The Clearfield® Production System for lentils is the only one that delivers everything growers need to produce a superior lentil crop. So why sell yourself short? Use the complete system to take advantage of:

  • Superior crop protection solutions - from pre-seed, to in-crop weed control, to industry-leading fungicides

  • High-performance genetics in all major red and green lentil market classes


BASF's investment in the Crop Development Centre.

When growers sign a Clearfield Commitment and complete a matching Clearfield lentil herbicide purchase, a portion of the herbicide sales is reinvested back into the Crop Development Centre (CDC) for future innovation and variety development.

Weed Management

Cleaner fields give better yields. Clearfield lentil herbicides provide a wide range of options to provide you with the best choice for your specific weed pressure.



Weeds Controlled Odyssey® Ultra Solo®
Barnyard grass Control Control
Crabgrass (large) Control -
Fall panicum Control -
Green foxtail Control *,2 Control
Japanese Brome Control 1 Suppression
Persian darnel Control Control
Proso Millet Control -
Quackgrass Suppression 1 -
Volunteer barley Control Control
Volunteer canary seed - Control
Volunteer corn Control -
Volunteer durum wheat                 
- Control
Volunteer spring wheat
(non-Clearfield wheat)
Control Control
Volunteer tame oats Control Control
Volunteer wheat
(incl. Clearfield wheat)
Control -
Wild Millet Control -
Wild oats Control 2 Control
Witchgrass Control -
Yellow foxtail Control Control


Weeds Controlled Odyssey® Ultra Solo®
Chickweed Control * -
Cleavers Control * Suppression
Cow Cockle - Control
Flixweed Control -
Green smartweed Control Control
Hemp nettle Suppression -
Kochia - Suppression
Lamb’s quarters Suppression Control
Redroot pigweed Control * Control
Russian thistle Suppression Control
Round-leaved mallow - Suppression
Shepherd's purse Control * Control
Stinkweed Control * Control
Stork's bill Control * -
Volunteer canola (non-Clearfield) Control * Control
Volunteer tame mustard Control -
Wild buckwheat Suppression Suppression
Wild mustard Control * Control

* Multiple flushing weeds.
1 Not on current label. These weeds have been submitted to PMRA for approval and addition to the label.
2 Odyssey Ultra herbicide tank-mix will not control weed biotypes that have multiple resistance to both Group 1 and Group 2



The future of pulse innovation is here.

We have an impressive history of pulse innovations. But it’s the future we’re focused on.

The Advanced Weed Control Program

The Advanced Weed Control Program from BASF takes the guesswork out of weed control and resistance management strategies. Follow the program from a complete solution in your peas, lentils, soybeans and corn.