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Seeds & Systems

With InVigor® Canola, LibertyLink® Soybeans and the Clearfield® Production System, you can feel confident in choosing the seed to suit any field, any need.


InVigor Hybrid Canola

Canola growers integrate multiple tools to produce the highest yields. The enhanced genetics of InVigor is another tool you can use in the field that can boost yield potential.

LibertyLink Soybeans

High-performing advanced genetics, powerful, broad-spectrum weed control and resistance management. That's what you'll get with LibertyLink Soybeans.

Clearfield Production System

Discover more about the benefits of the Clearfield Production System.


The BASF Hybrid Wheat Program

The technologies involved with growing wheat has come a long way – especially within the last several decades. At BASF, we’re proud to help take this important crop to the next level through our advanced hybridization program.