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Give your soybeans life, liberty, and clean fields.

If looking to liberate your fields from weeds, look no further than the LibertyLink® soybean system. The LibertyLink soybean system provides your fields with high-performing advanced genetics, powerful, broad-spectrum weed control, while also addressing resistance management.


Weed Type Liberty® 200 SN
Barnyard grass Control
Bristly foxtail Control
Fall panicum Control
Giant foxtail Control
Green foxtail Control
Large crabgrass Control
Proso millet Control
Quackgrass Suppression
Volunteer barley -
Volunteer wheat -
Wild oats Control
Witchgrass Control
Yellow foxtail Control


Weed Type Liberty® 200 SN
Canada thistle Suppression
Chickweed Control
Cleavers -
Common purslane Control
Common ragweed Suppression
Cow cockle -
Dandelion -
Eastern black nightshade Control
Field bindweed Suppression
Flixweed -
Green smartweed -
Hemp-nettle -
Jimsonweed Control
Lady’s thumb Control
Lamb’s quarters Control
Perennial sow thistle Control
Redroot pigweed Control
Round-leaved mallow -
Russian thistle -
Scentless chamomile -
Shepherd’s-purse Control
Stinkweed Control
Stork’s-bill -
Velvetleaf Control
Volunteer canola -
Volunteer flax -
Wild buckwheat Control
Wild mustard Control
Wormseed mustard Control