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Crops benefit from a strong beginning.

Steady support can take them to a great end.


Starting the season on the right foot is vital to a successful season. Early-season pests can impact a crop's critical stage of development. Vigour, uniformity and overall crop establishment can be affected, ultimately impacting yield potential. It’s important to be proactive against these challenges and maximize the early days of crop development through the use of crop establishment solutions, such as seed treatments and inoculants.

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The benefits of seed treatments and inoculants.

There’s no bringing back plants that never emerge. Seed treatments and inoculants help give you the best possible start to ensure your investment in seed  genetics, as well as later practices, are protected. 

Benefits of seed treatments:

  • Limits the introduction of pathogens into the field 
  • Manages diseases present on the seed and within the soil 
  • Enhances seedling vigour to help establish a proper plant stand 
  • Helps achieve the target plant population 

Benefits of inoculants:

  • Increased root nodulation
  • Improved nitrogen fixation
  • Greater plant vitality and optimized yield potential
  • More efficient utilization of resources

Seed treatment best practices.

Get the most out of your seed treatments by treating your seed right. You can do that by following these tips and tricks when treating seed.

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Mix/agitate the product well before applying.


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Be cautious of weather and temperature of seed treatment while treating. Keep seed treatment in a warm storage area and avoid treating seed that is colder than 0°C.

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Find the right flow rate to avoid plugging. Don’t start treating with the seed treater running at 100% capacity.

Blockage icon


If seed is dry, it can cause issues such as cracked hulls building up and plugging the metering roller/auger.

Do not leave unattended icon


Do not leave your seed treater alone when it’s running, as many things can quickly affect seed treating quality. 

Be attentive icon


Be attentive to factors that can cause changes to nozzle pressure, including the power source to the pump, an object blocking the filter or the hose not reaching deep enough into the product. 

Factors that affect drying times icon


Be cautious of drying times and factors that can lengthen them, such as weather (air temperature, wind speed, relative humidity), seed temperature, seed moisture levels, seed type and water being added during treating.

The team specializing in your seed’s treatment.

At BASF, we’re dedicated to giving your seed the best treatment possible. Our AgSolutions® Crop Establishment Specialists are here to support the mechanics of applying and optimizing the performance of our crop establishment portfolio. The team sets out to bring the full effect of support and service to our products so that growers and seed processors get the most out of our crop establishment products.

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