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Time is a limited resource during seeding—and growers, retails and seed processors should manage it diligently. To maximize the early days of crop development, it’s important to give crops the strongest start possible by using crop establishment solutions such as seed treatments and inoculants. It’s vital to optimize the impact of these solutions by supporting their proper application across a diverse range of conditions. As an organization dedicated to innovation, BASF is showing their commitment to this support for proper application through our new BASF AgSolutions® Crop Establishment Specialists. Each specialist (located across Western Canada) provides the local, boots-on-the-ground expertise for the technical knowledge behind these solutions, formulations, technology and application management. 

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Western Canada Map,Western Canada Map



Photo of Mike Wassill

Mike Wassill

A habitual scholar who’s always hungry to learn more and teach others what he knows. Mike has a degree in agriculture mechanics, a business degree and one more degree in agriculture for good measure. Mike will be covering Northern Saskatchewan in his role as an AgSolutions Crop Establishment Specialist. He combines his mechanical background with five years of experience as an AgSolutions Grower Representative for BASF to bring the full effect of support service to BASF crop establishment products. He knows our products, he knows seeders and he knows the business. What more could you want?

Photo of Ryan Dunn

Ryan Dunn

Ryan is a team player who has been part of the BASF roster since 2015. What excites him most about working as an AgSolutions Crop Establishment Specialist is the dynamic nature of the role and affecting all areas of the BASF business—tech service, retail business, grower business and marketing. He’s an expert in our crop establishment products and an expert in how to apply them, no matter the system, which can help facilitate a good experience from start to finish.

Photo of Sara Rutledge

Sara Rutledge

Sara is the newest member of our AgSolutions Crop Establishment Specialist team at BASF and will be covering her home territory of Southern Saskatchewan. As someone who’s worked in Ag retail for a number of years, Sara is excited to go deeper than just the portfolio and start working alongside other teams to aid in application, so that growers can see the full potential of the products they’re purchasing.