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Treated right, there’s no telling how far your soybeans can go.

Soybeans are becoming a planned rotational crop for growers in Western Canada and the introduction of new, early-maturing and herbicide tolerant varieties has provided a rise in interest and growth of this crop. Learn about major production challenges, and explore innovative solutions designed to maximize yield at every stage of your operation.

Solutions for soybeans.

Soybeans Staging Chart
Soybeans Staging Chart


Advanced Weed Control

Combining multiple modes of effective action, herbicide layering and residual activity, the program is designed to provide best-in-class weed control and resistance management.

Heat Complete on Soybeans

The ultimate pre-seed burndown with extended residual activity on key grassy and broadleaf weeds

Watch Sefina at work.

Sefina acts quickly against aphids, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Watch aphids respond to Sefina under the microscope. Within minutes, the active ingredient halts aphid feeding and causes the insect pest to become disoriented and fall off the leaf.

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