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30 million acres later.

The patented InVigor® hybrid canola Pod Shatter Reduction trait is unique in that it strengthens pod seams and stems to give the plants excellent pod shatter characteristics and safely retains the seeds in the pod until you are ready to harvest. These yield-protecting properties can result in a fuller pod, larger seeds and lower green seed counts. Pod Shatter Reduction hybrids continue to prove that they stand up to the elements.

Pod Shatter:

Refers to the pre-harvest release of seeds, when the pod seam and connective tissue break apart and release seeds

Pod Drop:

Indicates the loss of an entire pod from a weakened stem.

Pod Shatter Reduction hybrids give growers the advantage of adapting to the conditions around busy harvest time, giving you one less thing to worry about. Allowing growers, the flexibility to straight cut or delay swath without sacrificing yield.


The Pod Shatter Reduction advantage.

With close to 40% of Canadian canola acres being straight cut at harvest,* growers continue to adopt this technology at a rapid pace to give them the flexibility they need at harvest. The patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology continues to push this number higher with the benefits it provides:

  • Helps protect your yield

  • Harvest flexibility to delay swath or straight cut

  • Reduces harvest loss from late fall harvests and overwintered canola

  • Minimize the impact of late-season wind, hail and snow

  • Longer pod fill resulting in larger seeds and maximizing yield

  • Reduces volunteer canola

*2019 Stratus Market Research.



Adoption of Pod Shatter Reduction hybrids continue to grow.


Tips for straight cutting.

  • Monitor seeding rate to achieve desired target plant population – We recommend targeting a uniform plant population of 5 to 7 plants/ft2 by adjusting seeding rates based on the TSW range of the seed

  • Eliminate weeds – Clean fields are easier to straight cut; weeds, when still green, can cause both harvest and storage issues

  • Be on the lookout for green plant material – Monitor your harvested canola seed even if it comes off dry as there is a greater chance of plant material making it into the sample

  • Maintain appropriate combine and reel speeds – You must re-evaluate all of your combine settings when straight cutting, which could involve slower harvest speeds; if you are using a reel, ensure the speed of the reel matches the speed of your combine

  • Consider using a pre-harvest application of Eragon® LQ herbicide + glyphosate to reduce green material and allow the crop to dry down more evenly


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