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Get the most out of InVigor.


Extensive research trials conducted by the BASF Agronomic Excellence team show that a target plant population (TPP) of 5 to 7 plants/ft2 helps optimize the yield, consistency and performance of InVigor® hybrid canola. 


FACT: InVigor RATE packaging offers growers more seed per bag for all TSWs greater than 5.0 g (vs. traditional 50-pound bags). 


Five advantages of InVigor RATE packaging:

  • Optimized yield: Targeting an optimal plant population that will allow InVigor hybrids to perform even more consistently
  • Simplicity: Seeding rate recommendations make it easier to achieve 5 to 7 plants/ft2
  • Planning: Easier to predict the number of bags needed and cost, since each bag will seed the same number of acres
  • Consistency: Each bag contains a similar number of seeds
  • Easy to understand: The TSW ranges and recommended seeding rates are clearly marked on the bag, making it simple to calibrate your drill


InVigor RATE in the field.

Take a virtual tour of InVigor RATE, a targeted plant population recommendation that maximizes the potential of your InVigor hybrid canola.

Target plant population.

Learn more about how implementing a target plant population on your farm can help maximize the yield, performance and consistency of your InVigor hybrid canola.



Learn more about InVigor packaging. Our improved packaging makes it easy to implement a targeted plant population in any field.

Seeding RATE Calculator.

Determine the optimal seeding rate for your operation using our Seeding RATE Calculator.