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Premium yields for a premium product.

InVigor® Health hybrids offer the high-yielding and consistent performance you’ve come to expect from InVigor hybrid canola, plus the security of a contract premium. InVigor Health hybrids yield a seed that produces a specialty oil profile that is more heat stable and higher in oleic acid content.


InVigor Health technology sheet.

Check out the InVigor Health technology sheet for more information on InVigor Health from BASF.

InVigor Health

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This high-yielding hybrid is suitable for all mid to long growing zones and offers the patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology as well as first-generation clubroot resistance. InVigor Health L258HPC produces a specialty oil profile that is more heat stable and higher in oleic acid. Its strong standability also makes it a great fit for fields under irrigation.

Yield potential 104.9% of the checks (InVigor 5440 and Pioneer® 45H29) in 2017 WCC/RRC trials*
Maturity 1.5 days later than the average of the checks
Height Medium
Lodging resistance Very Strong
Blackleg rating R (resistant)
Growing zones All mid to long growing zones
Herbicide system(s) LibertyLink®
Agronomic trait(s) Patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology
First generation clubroot resistance
Specialty oil

*Western Canadian Canola/Rapeseed Recommending Committee (WCC/RRC) trials.


Pod Shatter Reduction hybrids.

The patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology from InVigor continues to offer enhanced harvest flexibility to growers’ farms.

Clubroot hybrids.

First- and second-generation clubroot-resistant hybrids to fit every field.


Swath hybrids.

Consistent performance without compromise, these hybrids are anything but standard for the grower who prefers to swath their canola.

InVigor Choice hybrid.

The first InVigor hybrid to contain both the LibertyLink® technology system and TruFlex™ canola with Roundup Ready® Technology for flexible weed control.

InVigor Results.

Visit InVigorResults.ca for localized trial results and compare the performance of InVigor hybrid canola versus the competition.





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