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Hearing the Clearfield buzz?
Get busy with the system.

Adopt the Clearfield® Production System to get unparalleled in-crop weed control for lentils, wheat and sunflowers with a wide selection of high-yielding varieties.




Clearfield Lentils

If you're looking for superior crop protection and high-performance genetics in all major red and green lentil varieties, look no further than the Clearfield Production System.

Clearfield Wheat

You want the cleanest wheat possible? Pair Clearfield wheat and its top-yielding genetics with Altitude® FX 3 herbicide to help you control grass and broadleaf weeds.

Clearfield Sunflowers

With Canada's first non-GMO and herbicide-tolerant sunflower production system, Clearfield offers increased profit potential through exceptional seed genetics and superior weed control.

BASF Ag Performance Trials.

See how BASF products measure up against the competition in field scale trials near you.