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The 2024 BASF Ag Rewards Program makes it easier than ever for you to maximize rewards. It offers valuable rebates on innovative solutions that help you grow healthier and higher yielding crops. With the right combination of purchases, you’ll be on your way to a great payout in no time.

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See how your rewards add up. Anywhere.

With the online and offline rewards calculator, you can check out your reward options wherever you are—at your desk or in the field. It’s the best way to calculate that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

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Explore your options.


Everything you need to know about the 2024 BASF Ag Rewards Program is right here. Just take a look at how many opportunities you have to save.

Maximizing rewards made easy.

2024 Eastern Canada Grower Program
Ag Rewards 2024 Eastern Canada Grower Program
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1 Qualifying BASF Crop Protection Products includes InVigor hybrid canola. In order for InVigor and Liberty 200 SN herbicide to qualify as a BASF Product, growers are required to sign, or have already signed, a Liberty and Trait Agreement (LTA), and operate in full compliance as per the requirements outlined within the signed LTA (see Section 5 of the Official Terms and Conditions for more details).

2 See Section 5 of the Official Terms and Conditions on the pages to follow for additional details on the Bonus Rewards.


Refer to the Full Program Details and 2024 Program Terms and Conditions for savings on all the BASF Reward Brands.

2024 BASF Ag Rewards Horticulture Program

With the BASF Ag Rewards Horticulture Program, you can protect your fruit and vegetable crops using agronomically proven products—all while maximizing your savings from BASF.

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