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Clearfield® sunflowers offers you the first non-GMO and herbicide-tolerant sunflower production system in Canada. Now you can increase your profit potential through exceptional seed genetics and superior weed control.

Weed Management

Weed control and suppression when Solo® is applied at the 40 acre rate

Weed Type Solo
Barnyard grass Control
Green foxtail (wild millet) Control
Persian darnel Control
Volunteer barley Control
Volunteer canary seed Control
Volunteer durum wheat Control
Volunteer spring wheat* Control
Volunteer tame oats Control
Wild oats Control
Yellow foxtail Control
Japanese brome Suppression
Cow cockle Control
Green smartweed Control
Lamb’s-quarters Control
Redroot pigweed Control
Shepherd's-purse Control
Stinkweed Control
Volunteer canola* Control
Wild mustard Control
Cleavers Suppression
Kochia** (up to 4 whorls) Suppression
Wild buckwheat Suppression

* Non-Clearfield wheat only
** Does not include Group-2 resistant Kochia