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Common Questions


Are the Clearfield sunflower varieties genetically engineered?

No. All Clearfield crops, including Clearfield sunflowers, are developed using the same traditional plant-breeding methods that have been used to develop commercial crop varieties for decades. As a result, Clearfield crops are internationally recognized as non-genetically engineered, since they contain no introduced genetic material, thus eliminating any marketing barriers.

Which herbicides can be used on Clearfield sunflowers?

Clearfield sunflowers have herbicide tolerance to SOLO® herbicide.

Will additional herbicides be registered for use on Clearfield sunflowers?

As part of the BASF commitment to the development of new innovations, such as new variety and herbicide options, Clearfield sunflower growers can anticipate new Clearfield sunflower herbicide options over the next few years as the system continues to develop.

What crops can be grown the year after using SOLO herbicide?

The following crops can be grown the year after using SOLO herbicide:

  • Canary seed

  • Durum wheat

  • Spring barley

  • Field peas

  • Spring wheat

  • Winter wheat

  • Tame oats

  • Flax

  • Canola

  • Lentils

  • Clearfield lentils