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Flexibility at its finest.

InVigor® hybrid canola understands the importance of choice when it comes to weed control. Choice hybrids give growers the opportunity to take advantage of stacked herbicide traits to help provide control of the toughest weeds, manage resistance and more. This Choice hybrid brings you this enhanced level of weed control while also providing you with the InVigor performance you’ve come to trust.

Choice Grower Checklist.

  • Looking for the benefits of high-yielding InVigor genetics with the ability to use glyphosate?
  • Looking for in-crop herbicide application flexibility?
  • Looking to manage resistance with multiple modes of action?
  • Looking to add an alternative mode of action to glyphosate in a pre-seed burndown to manage volunteer canola in rotational crops?

InVigor Choice tech sheet.

See what the flexibility of InVigor Choice can bring to your fields with our InVigor Choice tech sheet.

Choice hybrid.

InVigor Choice LR354PC

InVigor L356PC logo

InVigor Choice LR354PC offers you high yield potential and great standability; with the added flexibility of harnessing both the LibertyLink® technology system and TruFlex® canola with Roundup Ready® Technology.

Yield potential

114.3% of the checks (InVigor L255PC and Pioneer® 45H33) in 2020 & 2021 BASF internal trials

110.9% of InVigor LR344PC (n=33, 2020 & 2021)

112.5% of InVigor L233P (n=33, 2020 & 2021)






Blackleg rating


Growing zones

Mid to long

Herbicide system

LibertyLink® technology system

TruFlex® canola with Roundup Ready® Technology

Agronomic trait(s)

Pod Shatter Reduction

First-generation clubroot resistance

InVigor Results.

InVigorResults.ca features an interactive map that showcases local trial results and compares the performance of InVigor hybrid canola to the competition on fields just like yours.

InVigor DST map on monitor

More on InVigor Choice.

Learn more about InVigor Choice hybrids and the benefits they can bring to your fields.