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25 years of growing stronger 

with you.

Thanks to your support, we’ve been growing stronger together for 25 years now. InVigor hybrid® canola is constantly innovating to provide solutions for the challenges that growers face. As our relationships continue to grow, we will continue to develop and deliver the best solutions to farms across Canada.


This year, we’re excited to introduce two new 300 series InVigor hybrids and a new way to help protect InVigor seed, Vercoras® seed treatment

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Technology and innovation from InVigor.

See everything you need to know about InVigor hybrid canola and the solutions that protect the crop for the 2022 season.

The innovation adds up.

This year, we’re introducing two new hybrids as well as an innovative new seed treatment, Vercoras® seed treatment, that set a whole new precedent for performance when combined. Welcome InVigor L343PC and InVigor L340PC to the BASF family. 

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New InVigor L343PC combines performance with protection. This high-yielding Pod Shatter Reduction hybrid contains second-generation clubroot resistance1 and offers a significant yield increase over InVigor L234PC plus improved standability. 


We recommend growing InVigor L343PC with second-generation clubroot resistance after two cycles of growing first-generation clubroot-resistant hybrids in clubroot-affected areas or when clubroot symptoms appear in first-generation clubroot-resistant hybrids (whichever comes first). 

InVigor L340PC logo

High yield, mid maturity, Pod Shatter Reduction and first-generation clubroot resistance—InVigor L340PC has it all. With strong standability, it excels when lodging is a concern. 


1 To predominant clubroot pathotypes found in Canada at the time of registration. InVigor L340PC, and InVigor L255PC share the same first-generation clubroot resistance profile. InVigor L343PC has this resistance profile plus they contain second-generation multigenic clubroot resistance to additional clubroot pathotypes to help combat evolving clubroot pathotypes. 

InVigor has you covered. 

The path to achieve success is unique to every field. InVigor hybrids are designed to address a wide range of challenges and growing conditions to help give you the upper hand in achieving success—no matter the field. 


InVigor Maturity Chart


InVigor Standability Chart
InVigor Standability bar


Please note: Information displayed on this chart is based on performance ratings and data compiled from several InVigor internal trials over multiple years.

Results may vary on your farm due to environmental factors and preferred management practices.

Pod Shatter Reduction hybrids.

The patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology from InVigor continues to offer enhanced harvest flexibility to growers’ farms.

Clubroot hybrids.

First and second generation clubroot-resistant hybrids to fit every field.

Vercoras seed treatment.

With Vercoras seed treatment, your InVigor hybrid canola can be ready and protected from flea beetles and key diseases.