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Often imitated, never duplicated.

With high yields, exceptional performance, industry-leading Pod Shatter Reduction and clubroot-resistant technologies, the proof is in the bin. InVigor® hybrid canola has been grown on over 160 million acres across Canada since being launched.

  • 30 million of these acres have harnessed our patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology

  • 12 million of these acres have used our clubroot-resistant genetics.

With all of this in mind, InVigor has contributed greatly to the success of the Canadian canola industry, and its valued growers.

The 300 series grows.

Last year we introduced a whole new series of InVigor hybrids: the 300 series. These hybrids demonstrated such unprecedented levels of performance that they deserved a whole new series. This year, we’re introducing two new hybrids that encompass what it means to be a300 series InVigor hybrid from BASF. Welcome InVigor L340PC and InVigor L357P to the InVigor family.

A thrilling addition to the 300 series. A Pod Shatter Reduction hybrid built for growers looking to push higher yields in non-clubroot affected areas and offers very strong standability. This hybrid also features the added benefit of exceptional blackleg resistance.

Pod Shatter Reduction hybrids.

The patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology from InVigor continues to revolutionize the way canola growers approach their entire season – especially around harvest.

Clubroot hybrids.

First and second generation clubroot-resistant hybrids to fit every field.

2021 InVigor hybrid canola lineup.

See everything you need to know about the updated InVigor hybrid canola lineup for the 2021 season, including the new 300 series hybrids.