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2023 InVigor Hybrid Canola Support Programs

At BASF, we understand farming conditions can be unpredictable and want to help you protect your investment in InVigor® hybrid canola by offering the following support programs for 2023.


2023 InVigor Commitment Program

If you have any concerns with flea beetle or cutworm damage in your InVigor hybrid canola that was treated with Helix®Vibrance® and BUTEO® start, you may be eligible for support. Should flea beetle or cutworm damage be observed, you may be eligible to qualify for support for an application of a foliar insecticide application on the impacted acres. See further details below.

Approved Foliar Insecticides

  • Growers can make use of the following foliar insecticide products outlined in the table below that are approved for use as part of the InVigor Commitment Program, subject to availability
  • Product payments are only based on the approved application rates outlined below
  • BASF will only support ONE application of either Cutworm Support or Flea Beetle Support with a foliar insecticide


BUTEO start only



40 acres per 1.2 L jug

40 acres per 2.4 L jug

BUTEO start & LUMIDERM POUNCE 384EC 160 acres per 10 L jug 80 acres per 10 L jug


*Lumiderm is not available in Eastern Canada

InVigor BASF Ag Product Assurance logo

2023 BASF InVigor Ag Product Assurance

We stand behind our brands – if you have any issues using a product, we want to know so we can work together to resolve it.

Depending on the nature of the inquiry, AgSolutions® Customer Care may be able to resolve your inquiry over the phone.


2023 InVigor Hybrid Canola Reseed Program

If your InVigor hybrid canola crop fails to establish due to early-season crop establishment issues and you reseed using InVigor again, you may be eligible for a $400 rebate per reseeded bag. In order to qualify for the claim:

  • The area planted back to InVigor hybrid canola must be reseeded within the 2023 growing season 
  • The minimum claim requirement is four bags
  • You must register your claim prior to June 20th, 2023, or within 7 days of reseeding


Retails cannot submit a claim on behalf of the grower.*

To register a claim* for all programs, a grower will be required to:

  • Call AgSolutions Customer Care at 1-877-371-BASF (2273)
  • Have a valid Liberty® and Trait Agreement Number (LTA), and have a valid BASF Privacy Consent (PIPEDA)
  • Have planted InVigor canola hybrid
  • Submit their own claim – retails cannot submit on their behalf
  • Reseed and InVigor Commitment claims must be registered within 7 days of reseeding or spraying  - or June 20, 2023  - whichever is sooner. InVigor Ag Product Assurance claims must be registered by July 7, 2023
Farmer standing in field with tractor in the background

Payment Process for Support Programs

Once a claim has been determined to qualify for the program, BASF will provide payment alongside the 2023 Ag Rewards Program provided that all other terms and conditions have been fulfilled.


Registering Your Claim for Support Programs

  • The claim will not be created until the program product has been applied
  • Once you’ve contacted BASF, we’ll confirm a couple of key pieces of information to ensure you’re registered
  • Please review the full terms and conditions of the program you are registering for prior to registering your claim
  • Once your claim has been registered and we’ve addressed any final questions with respect to your claim, we’ll contact you to confirm if you qualify in addition to securing your agreement to participate within the terms and conditions outlined 
  • All claims are subject to the full terms and conditions for the 2023 InVigor Commitment Program and the 2023 InVigor Hybrid Canola Reseed Program

For more information, talk to your BASF AgSolutions Grower or Retail Representative or call AgSolutions Customer Care at 1-877-371-BASF (2273).


*All claims are subject to the full terms and conditions



Always read and follow label directions.

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Always read and follow pesticide label directions.

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