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Solutions that last the season.

Maximizing your canola's yield potential isn't limited to one part of the season – it spans from seeding to harvest. See how our innovative portfolio can help maximize your crop's yield potential throughout the season.

Solutions for canola.

Solutions for Canola

Seed Treatments

Vercoras logo

Vercoras seed treatment.


A frontline systemic insecticide along with four fungicide modes of action delivering broad-spectrum protection against both flea beetles and key diseases, including blackleg.


Certitude logo

Certitude herbicide.


Get a new mode of action pre-seed for a new level of certainty.

Liberty logo

Liberty herbicide.


Safeguard the yield potential of your InVigor® hybrid canola with the powerful protection of Liberty herbicide. The unique Group 10 chemistry helps you tackle tough weeds and manage resistance.

Centurion logo

Centurion herbicide.


Boost your grassy weed control and add in Centurion® herbicide to your Liberty tank mix.

Facet L logo

Facet L herbicide.


Take control of cleavers with new Facet® L herbicide. Tank mixed with Liberty, it enhances cleavers control to protect the quality and yield of your InVigor canola.

Heat LQ logo

Heat LQ herbicide.


Take control of your canola harvest with Heat® LQ herbicide. With Heat LQ pre-harvest, you can expect easier cutting of your canola and increased harvest productivity to reduce stress at a busy time of year.

Distinct logo

Distinct herbicide.


Compliments glyphosate for superior chem fallow and post-harvest control.


Cotegra logo

Cotegra fungicide.


The new standard in sclerotinia management is here. Cotegra® fungicide combines the two leading active ingredients that target sclerotinia for peak performance under the heaviest disease levels. 

Nexicor logo

Nexicor fungicide.

Nexicor® fungicide delivers superior management of blackleg with three effective modes of action. The results are increased yield potential and profits to match.

Lance logo

Lance fungicide.

Lance® fungicide moves systemically through the crop, delivering preventative protection against sclerotinia stem rot and alternaria black spot in canola.