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A great crop starts with great genetics. With a wide choice of both red and green lentil types developed by the Crop Development Centre, Clearfield varieties deliver on yields.

Contact your Clearfield lentil retailer to get more information on these varieties.

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Market class                    Yield % CDC maxim                              Resistance to1:
  Variety Area 1 & 2 Area 3 & 4 Ascochyta blight Anthracnose race 1
Extra small red CDC Imp 95 95 MR MR
  CDC Impala 80
  CDC Imperial 84
Small red CDC Maxim 100 100 MR MR
  CDC Dazil 97 93 MR I
  CDC Imax 92 78 MR I
  CDC Impact 80 76 MR MS
  CDC Impulse 108 95 MR MR
  CDC Nimble 108 108
  CDC Proclaim 105 102 MR MR
Large red CDC KR-2 102 90 MR MR
Medium green CDC Impress 78 71 MR S
  CDC Imigreen 87 71 MR MS
Large green CDC Lima 89 86 MR MR
  CDC Impower 79 63 MR S
French green CDC Peridot 84 94 I MS
Green cotyledon CDC QG-3 73 63 I MR
  CDC QG-4 91 91 I MR
Spanish brown CDC SB-3 88 87 I MR
  CDC SB-4 105 106 I MR

Source: Saskatchewan Pulse Crops Seeding and Variety Guide 2019 and University of Saskatchewan - Crop Development Centre (CDC).


1 Resistance ratings: R=Resistant; MR=Moderately Resistant; I=Intermediate Resistance; MS=Moderately Susceptible; S=Susceptible.