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What is the Clearfield Production System?

Clearfield is a crop production system combining specific herbicides and seeds from crop varieties that have been traditionally bred for herbicide tolerance and high yields.


The available Clearfield herbicides allow growers to customize weed control for pressures specific to their crops while maintaining sustainability in resistance management plans.

Are Clearfield lentil varieties Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)?

No. All registered or soon-to-be registered Clearfield varieties were developed using traditional plant breeding methods. Therefore, Clearfield crops are treated as non-GMO, conventional crops and are approved for export worldwide.

What are the benefits of the Clearfield Production System for lentils?

The Clearfield Production System for Lentils offers the first herbicide-tolerant lentil varieties in Canada. These include both red and green lentils with a choice of varieties, in all major market classes, that include solid agronomic traits including exceptional yields.


The system also includes a range of crop-safe, broad-spectrum herbicides that can be selected for weed pressures specific to your fields.


In addition, BASF provides an expanded range of crop protection products for pre-seed burn down and protection against disease, registered for Clearfield lentils.

Do I have to buy my Clearfield crop protection products from the Clearfield Lentil Retail?

No, however these retailers are best equipped to advise you in optimizing crop protection of Clearfield lentils with products including herbicides and fungicides and can advise you on harvest management.

Do I need to visit a Clearfield lentil herbicide retailer in order to comply with the IP process?

If you complete your Clearfield Commitment at the time of seed purchase or online, you don’t need to visit a Clearfield lentil herbicide retailer in order to comply with the process and sign your Commitment. These retailers however, can assist you with the completion of the form if you choose to use them.

Can I apply Pursuit® in Clearfield lentils and still comply with the process? Will I be eligible for BASF Ag Rewards?

Pursuit herbicide is not registered for use in Clearfield lentils. Lentil growers who use any non-registered herbicide – even in a tank-mix – will not be in compliance with the Clearfield Commitment process and therefore will be ineligible for related rewards.

Are there changes to the review process?

Yes. Clearfield lentil reviews will continue. BASF no longer requires access to growers’ non-lentil related farm business records. BASF still requires a program to measure total Clearfield lentil acres since BASF Ag Rewards savings are based on accurate acre reports.

If I decline to participate in the review process for Clearfield lentils, will I still be in compliance with the process?

No. Through the Clearfield Commitment, BASF retains the right to review Clearfield lentil growers. Growers who do not comply with the review process are non-compliant and ineligible for related BASF Ag Rewards. They also face the risk of monetary penalties.

If I don't complete a Clearfield - Confirm test, or my seed lot fails the test, am I still in compliance?

No. If you grow farm-saved seed and don’t complete a Clearfield - Confirm test, or your seed lot fails the test, you are not in compliance with the Clearfield Commitment process. Equally important, you will have no guarantee of herbicide tolerance in the event that your seed lot was inadvertently co-mingled with conventional seed. BASF pays the entire cost of the Clearfield - Confirm test.

What crops can I grow the year after using Odyssey Ultra herbicides?

The following crops can be grown one year after using Odyssey Ultra herbicides:

  • Canary seed

  • Chickpeas

  • Durum wheat

  • Field corn

  • Field peas

  • Lentils (incl. Clearfield lentils)

  • Spring barley

  • Spring wheat

Can I re-seed Clearfield lentil seed?

Yes, Clearfield lentil seed can be re-seeded as long as it passes a Clearfield -Confirm test conducted by a Clearfield -Confirm certified lab, and a Clearfield Commitment has been signed.