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What is the Liberty & Trait Agreement?

The Liberty & Trait Agreement (LTA) is a contract between BASF and a grower customer which grants the grower a limited license to possess and use certain innovative traits and technologies which include LibertyLink® certified canola seed, LibertyLink® Certified soybean seed and Liberty® 200 SN herbicide.

LTA basic facts.

  • All growers must sign the LTA prior to their first purchase.

  • The LTA remains valid from the date of sign-up until the grower or BASF terminates the LTA.

  • Growers signing the LTA agree to use these products strictly in accordance with certain terms and conditions; by way of example:

    • Seed can only be used by the grower to plant one commercial crop in Canada. The resulting harvested crop can only be sold into the commercial grain system; 

    • Growers are not permitted to plant or grow a crop from the harvested grain, nor use the crop, grain or these products for breeding or research;

    • Liberty herbicide can only be used on permitted or authorized crops.

  • Growers signing the LTA consent to the use of transactional information to assist in the administration and enforcement of the LTA. This includes procedures for monitoring and safeguarding BASF’s intellectual property, such as audit rights.



Access to innovation.

The LTA is more than just a contract. Ultimately it is how growers help support our breeding research and development which amplifies our ability to bring new hybrids to market with innovative trait technologies and yield enhancements.

How to obtain an LTA.

   1. Contact your authorized LibertyLink seed and/or Liberty herbicide retailer;
   2. Contact your local BASF representative; or
   3. Call AgSolutions® 1-877-371-2273 for further details