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Invested in Innovation


Jonathan Sweat, Vice-President, Business Management 

Our modernized facility in Regina, Saskatchewan, in the heart of our country’s agriculture industry, is an exciting transformation two years and $14 million in the making – the single biggest facility investment BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions has made in the last decade.


This milestone strengthens our ability to support farmers and signifies our long-standing commitment to innovation. It also contributes to our strength as an industry in Canada as the fifth largest agricultural exporter in the world. See the facility for yourself by taking the virtual tour now.


Here are a few highlights of what this renovation means for you:


Focusing on quality and reliability.

At BASF, we stand behind our products—every product that leaves our facility is approved for quality assurance, so we can best support our customers in the field. The lab in our newly upgraded facility has been completely transformed and retrofitted with new equipment and technology that will greatly increase our capacity for quality control analysis.


Delivering new, innovative solutions to your farm.

Canadian farmers have a newly improved, world-class facility right in their backyard. This means we can continue to provide you with the solutions you rely on to succeed today, like Liberty® herbicide, while setting ourselves up to be able to develop and deliver the solutions you’ll need in the future for continued success.


Field pea growers can also look forward to Viper® ADV herbicide now being domestically produced at this Regina facility. This helps ensure faster production and delivery of this important product, used on 2.7 million acres of the 4 million acres of field pea crops grown in Canada, offering broad-spectrum weed control.


As of November 2020, the modernized Regina facility will allow us to deliver quality products across Canada and the USA faster than before. The new equipment and technology upgrades mean, together with our retail partners, we can better provide you with the products you need when you need them.


Our site’s new batching system provides improved efficiencies, increased outputs and more product consistency. We’re now positioned to produce in excess of 30 million litres of agricultural products annually.


Leading with integrity and supporting local communities.

Our investment is a demonstration of our continued commitment to the Regina community. For example, we ensured 100 per cent of facility updates were completed by Saskatchewan-based contractors. And on a long-term basis, the site employs 130 people during peak production.


This facility is a point of pride for all of us, but no one can tell the Regina transformation story like our longstanding Regina employees. So, don’t just take my word for it, we invite you to hear directly from them in our virtual tour – I hope you enjoy the tour as much as I do.