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xarvioTM Digital Farming Solutions wins innovation award for second year in a row at Ag in Motion Discovery Plus

  • Ag in Motion Discovery Plus awards top honour to xarvioTM FIELD MANAGER in the Plant and Soil Science category.
    xarvio FIELD MANAGER uses cutting edge technology to predict the optimal time and place to apply fungicide.
  • xarvio Digital Farming Solutions by BASF won the Innovations award in the Plant and Soil Science category at Ag in Motion Discovery Plus, which took place virtually from July 21-25, 2020.

This year’s win follows a memorable win at the 2019 Ag in Motion Farm Expo in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where there xarvioTM Scouting app won the Innovations award in the Plant and Soil Science category.

The Ag in Motion Innovation Program recognizes companies for their creative solutions that assist with agriculture sector advances in four unique areas, including Agriculture Equipment, Animal and Livestock, Agribusiness and Plant and Soil Science.

“An Ag In Motion Innovation award for the mobile functionally of xarvio FIELD MANAGER is a large accomplishment for xarvio and BASF,” said Brent Nicol, Business Development Manager for xarvio at BASF. “In technology you have to always be adapting to current market trends and be on the forefront of innovation. This recognition shows that xarvio and BASF are committed to making Precision Ag technologies an important part of our business.”

The xarvio FIELD MANAGER App combines the standard visualization of field zones with three cutting-edge features: Field Monitor, Spray Timer and Zone Spray, to provide growers and agronomists with tools to improve crop production economically and sustainably, e.g. by automatically identifying the optimal time and dose of fungicide applications.

Ag in Motion Discovery Plus is a three-day farm expo that went virtual this year. It showcases the newest technology and innovations in agriculture, and features live demonstrations of field equipment, crop plots and interactive agribusiness exhibits from hundreds of agricultural companies. A big THANK YOU goes out to the Ag in Motion Discovery Plus team for not only awarding us such a great honor, but for putting together a wonderful expo filled with engaging content from agricultural companies across the globe.

xarvio FIELD MANAGER is a suite of independent digital farming products marketed under xarvio Digital Farming Solutions. The xarvio offering also includes the xarvio Scouting App, which uses instant photo recognition to identify and map weed and disease threats in fields, enabling growers to efficiently identify threats so they can better manage their crop production.

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