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Introducing AgTalk: Mental health support for everyone in Canadian agriculture 

“Farming isn’t for the faint of heart” is a common expression within our industry. Farmers often wear this like a badge of honour. Feeding the world is the biggest job on earth, and farmers and those working in our industry have always been up for the challenge.


However, the challenges facing farmers are constantly mounting and evolving. With geo-political tensions, supply chain issues, rising input costs, and an increasing pressure to feed a growing world, it’s safe to say—farming has never been more challenging, and support has never been more critical.


Research from the University of Guelph revealed that in 2021, one in four Canadian farmers felt like their life was not worth living, wished that they were dead, or had thought about taking their own life in the last 12 months.


These findings highlight the urgent need for mental health support for farmers. Our industry has come a long way in bringing awareness to mental health in agriculture, but there is still work to be done to end the stigma and ensure viable access to mental health support for those who need it. And as we all know, we’re in this together.


BASF’s new partnership with the Do More Agriculture Foundation to launch AgTalk will help create a safe space where those in the industry can find mental health support from people who understand the challenges they face each day.


AgTalk is a safe and anonymous platform—moderated 24/7 by licensed clinicians—where individuals can connect, share and receive support from a community of peers. AgTalk is available to anyone in the agriculture industry—including farmers, researchers, agronomists, retailers and service providers.


BASF believes everyone in agriculture should have access to mental health support and care. We are incredibly proud to support the Do More Agriculture Foundation in partnership with RBC and the McCain Foundation to deliver this resource and tool to the industry. To access the platform, visit domore.ag/agtalk.