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Veltyma DLX

Groups 3 and 11

Veltyma® DLX delivers protection against key leaf diseases and ear rot.

  • Broad-spectrum management of both key leaf and ear diseases, including fusarium and gibberella ear rot  
  • Unique properties leading to better management of minor stress, better standability, increased growth efficiency1
  • Multiple modes of effective action for improved disease control and resistance management
  • Reduces deoxynivalenol (DON) contamination to preserve grain quality


1 All comparisons are to untreated unless otherwise stated.

Labels & SDS

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Applicable On

applicable on - corn


Labels & SDS

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Benefits of Veltyma DLX

  • Delivers powerful, long-lasting control of a wide range of diseases, including corn leaf blight, tar spot, gibberella and fusarium to maximize yield and grain quality
  • Extended performance with the unique binding activity of Revysol®
  • Delivers preventative and post-infection activity
  • Reduces deoxynivalenol (DON) contamination to preserve grain quality

Performance Trial

Broad-spectrum Control of Leaf and ear diseases

Field Comparison Soybeans: Untreated + Veltyma DLX

Enhanced Control of Northern corn leaf blight

Chart Corn leaf blight: Untreated + Miravis + Delaro + Veltyma + Veltyma DLX

Improved reduction of gibberella

Chart Gibberella: Untreated + Miravis + Delaro + Veltyma + Veltyma DLX

Proven performance against tar spot

Chart Tar spot: Untreated + Miravis + Delaro + Veltyma + Veltyma DLX

Product Info & Application Guide

Diseases controlled

Common rust (Puccinia sorghi)

Eyespot (Aureobasidium zeae)

Fusarium ear rot (Fusarium graminearum)1

Gibberella ear rot (Gibberella zeae)1

Grey leaf spot (Cercospora zeae-maydis)

Northern corn leaf blight (Setosphaeria turcica)

Tar spot (Phyllachora maydis)


1 Suppression only.

Application Tips

  • Apply when conditions are favourable for the development of disease
  • Use a minimum water volume of 80 L/ac (20 gal/ac)
  • Do not apply when heavy rain is forecast

Pre-harvest interval

21 days after application for corn

When to Apply




Full silking to silk browning


How Much to Apply

One case of Veltyma DLX fungicide will treat 20 acres.


405 ml/ac (1.0 L/ha)


202 ml/ac (500 ml/ha)


Water volume

Ground application

Minimum 80 L/ac (20 gal/ac)

Aerial application

20 L/ac (5 gal/ac)


 Mixing order

  1. Ensure the spray tank is clean before use. Follow the cleanout recommendations stated on the label of the product that was previously used.
  2. Fill the spray tank 1/2 full of water and start agitation.
  3.  Add the required amount of Veltyma to the spray tank.
  4.  Add the required amount of Caramba to the spray tank.
  5. Continue agitation while filling the remainder of the spray tank.
  6. After use, clean the spray tank according to label precautions.