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The 2025 InVigor hybrid canola lineup brings three new early-maturing hybrids for even more options to suit your farm and bring out your field pride. We’re evolving with your needs, providing high-performing hybrids with patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology, robust clubroot-resistant genetics, and continued agronomic and sales support.

The choice is yours.

Choose from a lineup of top-performing hybrids to suit your needs and help you make the most of every acre.


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InVigor Standability Chart


Please note: Information displayed on this chart is based on performance ratings and data compiled from several BASF internal trials over multiple years. Results may vary on your farm due to environmental factors and preferred management practices.

1 We recommend growing InVigor L341PC, InVigor L343PC, and InVigor L234PC with second-generation clubroot resistance in clubroot-affected areas after two cycles of growing first-generation clubroot-resistant hybrids or when clubroot symptoms are noticed in first-generation clubroot-resistant hybrids.

InVigor Results.

InVigorResults.ca features an interactive map that showcases local trial results and compares the performance of InVigor hybrid canola to the competition on fields just like yours.

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