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Common Questions

What is the Clearfield Production System?

Clearfield® is a crop production system combining specific herbicides and seeds from crop varieties that have been traditionally bred for herbicide tolerance and high yields.


The available Clearfield herbicide Altitude® FX 3 allows growers to customize weed control for pressures specific to their crops while maintaining sustainability in resistance management plans.

Are Clearfield wheat varieties Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)?

No. All registered or soon-to-be registered Clearfield wheat varieties were developed using traditional plant breeding methods. Therefore, Clearfield crops are treated as non-GMO, conventional crops and are approved for export worldwide.

What are the benefits of the Clearfield Production System for Wheat?

When you grow Clearfield wheat, you get the power of herbicide-tolerant weed control, combined with the unsurpassed broad-spectrum weed control of herbicides such as Altitude® FX 3. There is no better way to grow clean wheat on any field in any rotation.


Clearfield wheat allows you to:


  • Grow wheat after any crop, including barley

  • Control Group 1-resistant grasses

  • Manage uncertain or heavy weed pressure situations

  • Control tough weeds such as Cleavers, Chickweed, Hemp-nettle, Buckwheat and Kochia – including Group 2 resistant kochia

What are the requirements to grow Clearfield varieties?

Beginning in the 2015 growing season, BASF has simplified the Clearfield Commitment process with a new evergreen Clearfield Commitment. By signing the new evergreen Clearfield Commitment growers will need to sign only once and will not be required to sign again in the future. Similar to previous years, growers must sign and have the Commitments submitted by July 9, 2022.

What can be grown after using Clearfield herbicides for wheat?

After applying Altitude® FX 3, the following crops can all be safely seeded:

3 months after application

  • Winter Wheat


1 year after application

  • Canola

  • Chickpeas

  • Dry beans

  • Durum wheat

  • Field peas

  • Field corn

  • Flax

  • Lentils (incl. Clearfield lentils)

  • Spring wheat (incl. Clearfield wheat)

  • Spring barley

  • Sunflowers (incl. Clearfield sunflowers)

  • Tame oats


2 years after application

  • Mustard (condiment type only)


How do I control volunteer Clearfield wheat?

There are many options available to control volunteer Clearfield wheat, including tillage and herbicides. For herbicides, glyphosate is an important and cost-effective tool that will control volunteer Clearfield wheat. In-crop herbicide applications for pulse and oilseed crops include products like Odyssey® Ultra, Equinox® EC and Poast® Ultra.