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Group 27


Armezon® herbicide is your ideal tank-mix partner for post-emergent weed control in glyphosate-tolerant corn.

  • Rapid control of annual broadleaf weeds
  • Wide application window from 1 leaf to 7 leaf stage
  • Innovative Group 27 chemistry for control of Group 2-resistant, glyphosate-resistant and triazine-resistant weeds

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Labels & SDS

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Benefits of Armezon

  • Armezon herbicide is a Group 27, post-emergent herbicide that is quickly absorbed by leaves, roots, and shoots to quickly control target weeds.
  • Corn growers using Armezon tank-mixed with glyphosate get the benefits of multiple modes of action for excellent control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds.
  • Clean up specialist in field, seed and sweet corn, offering knockdown of key weeds, with unparalleled crop safety.

Tank mixes

Armezon can be used as a standalone herbicide (for application in field corn only) or tank mixed with glyphosate and/or atrazine.


See label for full details on tank mixes.

Performance Trials


Rapid weed control with Armezon herbicide

Crop with Armezon + glyphosate

Product Info & Application Guide

Weed Management

Weed Class

List of Weeds

Broadleafs - 1 to 8 leaf (except where indicated)

Common ragweed
Lamb's quarters1
Redroot pigweed
Wild mustard
Volunteer canola (all types)3 (1 - 6 leaf)

Grasses - 1 - 4 leaf

Barnyard grass1
Foxtail (green, yellow)1


The Armezon + glyphosate tank-mix provides control of all the weeds on the glyphosate label, plus provides improved control of the weeds listed above.
See label for a complete list of weeds controlled by all tank mixes.


1 Suppression

2 All types, including glyphosate-resistant. Apply when kochia is less than 10 cm.

3 Including glyphosate tolerant biotypes.

Application Tips

  • Follow the glyphosate manufacturer’s recommendation for rainfast guidelines.
  • Denser weed infestation requires the use of higher water volumes.

When to Apply

Crops and staging

For field, seed, sweet, and glyphosate-tolerant corn apply from the 1 to 7 leaf stage.

How Much to Apply

One case will treat 160 acres (40 ac/jug).


Glyphosate-tolerant corn

glyphosate5, 6

15 ml/ac (37 ml/ha)

Seed, sweet corn


15 ml/ac (37 ml/ha)


420 ml/ac (500 g ai/ha)

Assist® 5

1.25% v/v (e.g. 12.5 L per 1,000 L spray solution)

UAN 28%5

1.25% v/v (e.g. 12.5 L per 1,000 L spray solution)

Field corn


15 ml/ac (37 ml/ha)


420 ml/ac (500 g ai/ha)

Merge® 5

0.5% v/v (e.g. 5 L per 1,000 L spray solution)


Water volume

Ground application only 40 to 80 L/ac (10 to 20 gal/ac)


4 A second application of Armezon at 15 ml/ac (37 ml/ha) may be applied, for a total of 30 ml/ac (74 ml/ha) on glyphosate-tolerant corn before the 7 leaf stage.
5 Atrazine, glyphosate, Assist, 28% UAN and Merge are sold separately.
6 Check glyphosate label to confirm application rates.


Mixing Order

  1. Fill sprayer 1/2 full with clean water and agitate.
  2. Add dry tank-mix partners into the spray tank and agitate.
  3. Add Armezon herbicide and thoroughly mix.
  4. After the Armezon herbicide has visibly dispersed, add any liquid herbicide tank-mix partners.
  5. Add either Merge adjuvant to the spray tank or Assist followed by liquid fertilizer (28% UAN) if required.
  6. While agitating, fill the remainder of the tank with water up to the proper level.

Follow Crops

4 months after application
Winter wheat


1 year after application
Canola (incl. Clearfield canola)
Durum wheat
Field corn
Lentils (incl. Clearfield lentils)
Navy beans
Spring wheat


7 If Armezon is used in a tank-mix, refer to tank-mix partner’s label for additional follow-crop restrictions.
8 If treated with two applications (30 ml/ac (74 ml/ha)), fields can only be seeded to winter wheat 4 months after application and spring wheat, field corn and canola the following year.


Pre-harvest interval
45 days after application for corn harvest (silage, fodder or grain).