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Liberty 150 SN

Group 10

Trusted weed management in canola for over 24 years.

When your entire season is on the line, you know the right call is going with a pro. For over 24 years, Liberty® 150 herbicide has been the choice of InVigor® hybrid canola growers. In addition to a trusted formulation and consistent, industry-leading performance, it’s backed by exceptional agronomic support and service. Because like you, Liberty has earned its reputation in more ways than one.

  • The Group 10 mode of action provides dependable, fast, broad-spectrum grassy and broadleaf weed control.
  • Exceptional crop safety, with no re-cropping restrictions due to the rapid breakdown of Liberty 150 SN herbicide in the soil.

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LibertyLink Canola

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Benefits of Liberty 150 SN

Post-Emergent Herbicide

  • Consistent, industry-leading control of key weeds in different environmental conditions
  • Service and support to help ensure the best user experience possible 
  • InVigor® hybrid canola growers rely on the tried, tested and true dependability of Liberty 

Performance Trials


2020 Trial – Broadleaf Weeds

2020 Trial – Wild Oats

2020 Trial – Broadleaf weeds at 2 to 9 cm

Product Info & Application Guide

Weed Management

Weed Class

List of Weeds

Broadleafs – 1 to 6 leaf (except where indicated)

Canada thistle (10 cm height) Cleavers (1 to 2 whorls)
Common chickweed (1 to 4 leaf pairs)
Cow cockle (1 to 4 leaf)
Dandelion (1 to 15 cm rosette)
Flixweed (10 cm height)
Green smartweed
Hemp-nettle (1 to 3 leaf pairs)
Kochia (8 cm height)
Lady's thumb
Lamb's quarters
Perennial sow thistle (1 to 8 leaf)
Redroot pigweed (1 to 4 leaf)
Round-leaved mallow (1 to 4 leaf)
Russian thistle (8 cm height)
Scentless chamomile (10 cm height)
Stinkweed (1 to 8 leaf)
Stork's-bill (1 to 3 leaf)
Volunteer canola
Volunteer flax (6 cm height)
Wild buckwheat (1 to 3 leaf)
Wild mustard (1 to 5 leaf)

Grasses – 1 to 4 leaf (except where indicated)

Barnyard grass
Foxtail barley 1
Green foxtail (1 to 6 leaf)
Quackgrass 2
Volunteer barley 2
Volunteer wheat
Wild oats


1 When tank mixed with Centurion® at 40 acre/case
2 Suppression

Application Tips

Restricted entry interval – 24 hours

  • Use a minimum water volume of 10 gal/ac to maximize coverage.
  • Aim to apply medium to coarse droplets (250 – 350 microns).
  • Apply in warm (10°C or higher) and sunny conditions.
  • Keep sprayer speeds under 15 mph and avoid windy conditions.

When to Apply





First pass

2 to 4 leaf stage

Second pass

2 to 6 leaf stage

How Much to Apply

One case of Liberty 150 SN will treat 17 to 20 acres, depending on rate used.


1.35 L/ac (3.34 L/ha) to 1.62 L/ac (4.00 L/ha)1


1.35 L/ac (3.34 L/ha) followed by 1.35 L/ac (3.34 L/ha)
1.62 L/ac (4.00 L/ha) followed by 1.35 L/ac (3.34 L/ha)
1.35 L/ac (3.34 L/ha) followed by 1.62 L/ac (4.00 L/ha)


1 Apply at higher rates for greater weed control and better control of late-stage weeds.
2 First pass should be applied when canola is at the 2 to 3 leaf stage, with the second pass 10 days later.

Water volume

Ground application only – 55 L/ac (14.5 gal/ac) minimum.

Mixing order

1.     Thoroughly clean sprayer with water containing detergent.

2.     Fill clean spray tank ½ full of water. Start agitation system.

3.     If tank mixing, add the correct amount of Merge® or Amigo® adjuvant and agitate until thoroughly mixed.

4.     Stop agitation and add the required amount of Liberty 150 SN to the spray tank.

5.     Start agitation system again.

6.     If tank mixing, add the correct amount of Facet® L, Centurion or Select® herbicide.

7.     Continue agitation while adding the remaining amount of water.

Tank Mixes

Herbicides for canola: Centurion, Facet L

Follow Crops

70 days after application

120 days after application for all other crops except
Dry common beans (not grown for seed)
Field corn


What tank-mix partners can I use with Liberty® herbicide to optimize its efficacy.

Before deciding on a tank-mix partner, scout your fields to know what your weed population looks like. By tank mixing Liberty herbicide with Centurion® herbicide, you enhance your grassy weed control. By adding Facet® L herbicide to the mix, you provide your fields with enhanced cleavers control.

How does Facet® L herbicide compare with Command® herbicide?

Facet L herbicide offers industry-leading, consistent control of cleavers with both systemic and contact activity (when tank mixed with Liberty® herbicide) for improved efficacy. It also provides flexibility to apply in-crop to effectively respond to pressure from cleavers.

How can I sign an LTA?

  • Through your authorized retailer, your local BASF Rep or call the AgSolutions® Customer Care at 1-877-371-BASF (2273)
  • Allow 5 business days for the LTA to be received and processed. An email will then be sent to the grower with his or her customer number and a copy of the signed LTA

What are the optimal conditions I should be looking for when applying Liberty® herbicide?

For optimal performance, Liberty herbicide should be applied in warm (10°C or higher) and sunny conditions. Wind, excessive moisture and cool, cloudy weather should be avoided when possible.


How do I control volunteer LibertyLink® canola?

  1. Do not use a Group 10 herbicide the following year after producing the commercial crop
  2. Preferably choose a crop that is not LibertyLink tolerant 

Can I apply Liberty herbicide more than once a season?

Yes, Liberty herbicide can be applied up to three times (up to 4.86 L/ac) in a single season. If considering a two-pass system, take the second pass in the reverse direction to target any foliage that could have been sheltered during the first pass.

The Liberty herbicide product label says to use high water volumes, why is that?

Liberty herbicide is a contact herbicide—meaning it only affects areas it comes in contact with. Maintaining higher water volumes (minimum 10gal/ac) will help to ensure good contact, improve coverage and increase the efficacy of the product.

How should I setup my sprayer when applying Liberty® herbicide?

Aim for coarse droplets (between 250 and 350 microns), while keeping pressures between 40 and 80 psi to increase coverage and reduce potential drift.

What is the Liberty and Trait Agreement (LTA?)

  • An evergreen agreement between BASF and the grower which grants a license to the grower to purchase LibertyLink® seed and Liberty® herbicide for use in growing a single commercial crop in Canada
  • Pertains to all LibertyLink canola (including InVigor® hybrid canola) and Liberty herbicide
  • Applicable to all patented traits contained in LibertyLink seed, not just LibertyLink traits