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Liberty 200 SN

Group 10

An excellent management tool for rotating chemistries to help keep herbicide-resistant weeds out of your fields.

  • Group 10 chemistry provides broad-spectrum control of broadleaf and grassy weeds.
  • Flexible with respect to application timing, rates, and tank mixes.
  • Quick, complete burndown of weeds.

Labels & SDS


Applicable On

applicable on - soybeans


applicable on - corn


Labels & SDS

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Benefits of Liberty 200 SN

  • Efficient broad-spectrum grassy and broadleaf weed control in corn hybrids containing the LibertyLink® trait, LibertyLink, herbicide triple stacked soybeans and InVigor® canola hybrids.
  • Effects are seen in weeds within three to seven days of application.
  • Unparalleled crop safety, leaving cropping and herbicide options open for the following year.

Product Info & Application Guide

Weed Management

Weed Class

List of Weeds

Broadleafs – 1 to 6 leaf (except where indicated)

Canada fleabane (10 cm)
Canada thistle
Chickweed (1 to 8 leaf)
Cocklebur (1 to 4 leaf)
Common ragweed (1 to 7 leaf)
Eastern black nightshade (1 to 5 leaf)
Field bindweed
Giant ragweed (1 to 8 leaf)
Green pigweed
Lady's thumb
Lamb's quarters
Perennial sow thistle (1 to 4 leaf)
Redroot pigweed
Shepherd's Purse
Stinkweed (1 to 8 leaf)
Velvetleaf (1 to 4 leaf)
Waterhemp (1 to 8 leaf)
Wild buckwheat (1 to 4 leaf)
Wild mustard (1 to 4 leaf)
Wormseed mustard

Grasses – 1 to 4 leaf (except where indicated)

Barnyard grass (1 to 5 leaf)
Bristly foxtail
Fall panicum
Giant foxtail (1 to 5 leaf)
Green foxtail (1 to 5 leaf)
Large crabgrass (1 to 5 leaf)
Proso millet (1 to 5 leaf)
Wild oats
Yellow foxtail

Application Tips

Rainfastness – 4 hours.

  • Spray in warm, sunny conditions (over 10°C), when weeds are activley growing.
  • Since Liberty is a contact herbicide, use nozzles designed to achieve a medium to coarse droplet size (approximately 250 to 350 microns).


Pre-harvest interval

  • 70 days after application for soybeans.
  • 86 days after application for corn.



  • Treated corn and soybean fields can be grazed 20 days after application.

When to Apply



Soybeans (LibertyLink varieties only)

cotyledon to first flower1

Corn (LibertyLink varieties only)

1 to 8 leaf1,2


1 Apply when weeds are actively growing.
2 5 to 6 visible collars (the leaf is counted once the next leaf is visible in the whorl).


How Much to Apply

One case of Liberty® 200 SN herbicide treats 20 acres. One tote treats 400 acres.


Liberty 200 SN Herbicide

1.0 L/ac L/ha (2.5 L/ha)

Ammonium Sulfate (optional)

2.4 L/ac (6 L/ha)


Water volume
Ground application 75 L/ac (20 gal/ac)


Mixing order

  1. Thoroughly clean sprayer with water containing detergent.
  2. Fill clean spray tank 3/4 full of water. Start agitation system.
  3. Add ammonium sulfate (if required).
  4. Add the correct amount of Liberty 200 SN and continue to agitate until mixed.
  5. Continue agitation while adding the remaining amount of water.3


3 Agitate moderately, as over-agitation may cause foaming.

Tank mixes

Contact BASF Ag Solutions Customer Care or your local BASF Sales Representative for additional information on supported tank mixes.

See label for tank mix application rates targeting specific weeds.

Follow Crops

Anytime after application of LibertyLink varieties only:
Field Corn

70 days after application:

120 days after application:
All other crops