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Nodulator XL LQ

High-performance inoculant delivering outstanding value and yield boosts of 3% to 8% in peas and lentils.1

  • Unique, highly efficient and more active strain of rhizobia.
  • Convenient and easy-to-use liquid product that can be applied directly to the seed.
  • Can be applied up to six hours prior to seeding.
  • Delivers exceptional performance for both pea and lentil crops.
  • In 12 head-to-head field-scale trials in peas, conducted by independent co-operators in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Nodulator XL won 92% of the time, out-yielding our competitor’s product by an average of 1.6 bu/ac or 3.25%.
  • Small plot trials show even higher yield increases in lentils.


1 Refer to "Increased yield potential: Nodulator XL vs competitor vs uninoculated control" chart.

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Labels & SDS

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Benefits of Nodulator XL LQ

  • Nodulator XL inoculant contains Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar viceae (strain 1435), a highly efficient, more active strain of rhizobium, selected to perform on pea and lentil crops for increased yield potential.
  • The rhizobia help to maximize nodulation resulting in increased fixation of nitrogen for higher yield and protein potential.
  • The convenient liquid formulation provides a reliable inoculant that is guaranteed to contain a minimum of 7.5 x 108viable cells of Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar viceae STRAIN 1435 per gram.

Performance Trials


Nodulator XL peas vs uninoculated peas

Nodulator XL peas vs uninoculated peas

Increased yield – Nodulator XL vs competitor and uninoculated control

Increased yield potential: Nodulator XL vs competitor and uninoculated control

Product Info & Application Guide

Application Tips

  • Seeds inoculated with Nodulator XL LQ should be seeded within 6 hours
  • Increased volume of inoculant per bushel of seed is advantageous. Under adverse or stress planting conditions (hot, dry field conditions), increasing the inoculant application rate is recommended.

When to Apply

For optimal results apply Nodulator XL LQ up to six hours before seeding.

How Much to Apply

One case treats approximately 300 bushels of seed.

Shake product well before application. Apply directly to the seed while augering (DO NOT run auger at greater than HALF capacity).

Flow Valve Setting

Inoculant Flow Rate

Seed/Auger Flow Rate


360 mL/min (12 fl. oz./min)

131 kg/min (289 (5) lbs (bu)/min)


860 mL/min (29 fl. oz./min)

313 kg/min (690 (11) lbs (bu)/min)


1340 mL/min (45 fl. oz./min)

487 kg/min (1074 (18) lbs (bu)/min)


1660 mL/min (56 fl. oz./min)          

604 kg/min (1332 (22) lbs (bu)/min)        


1780 mL/min (60 fl. oz./min)

647 kg/min (1426 (24) lbs (bu)/min)


2030 mL/min (68 fl. oz./min)

738 kg/min (1627 (30) lbs (bu)/min)


Directions for use

  1. Shake 7.5 L bladder well before using for a minimum of 30 seconds
  2. Replace bladder lid with hose kit.
  3. Invert bladder above treatment area so the end of the hose is just above the seed (for accurate application rates, ensure hose is straight when dispensing inoculant).
  4. Adjust flow valve to regulate the recommended application rate.
  5. To ensure adequate mixing of seed and inoculant do not run auger at greater than HALF capacity.
  6. Assess the application rate several times during inoculation to ensure correct target flow rate.
  7. Product formulated to be applied directly to seed.




Why do I have to inoculate every year?

Inoculating every year provides “affordable” nitrogen (N) helps ensure that rhizobia populations are acceptable for effective nodulation. Soybean rhizobia are not naturally occurring in western Canadian soils. Remaining populations from previous crop years may become inefficient over time. Wet, cool soil conditions can have a large impact on nodulation. Effective inoculation leads to more uniform/stronger plant growth and maximizes total yield potential (including seed protein/ac). Using an inoculant also provides beneficial aspects with additional benefits derived from added non-rhizobial “biologically-derived” technologies.

How long before seeding should I apply the inoculant?

With no seed treatment, liquid inoculant on-seed survivability is six hours. With no seed treatment, self-adhering peat on-seed survivability is 24 hours, with optimal results when application is within 4-6 hours of inoculation. Please see compatibility charts for more specific timelines when applying these products with a seed treatment.

Can Nodulator be used in organic production?

Some Nodulator products are approved for organic use. Consult the Letter of Organic Certification to find out which products can be used.