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Group 27

Armezon is the new post-emergent herbicide with outstanding crop tolerance for seed, sweet and field corn.

  • Armezon tank-mixed with glyphosate on glyphosate tolerant corn provides increased broadleaf weed control and excellent burn-down of annual grasses, without relying on a Group 2 herbicide.
  • It offers a flexible application window from the 1 leaf to 7 leaf stage of corn.


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Labels & SDS

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Benefits of Armezon

  • Armezon is a group 27, post-emergent herbicide that is quickly absorbed by leaves, roots, and shoots to quickly control target weeds.
  • Corn growers using Armezon tank-mixed with glyphosate and atrazine get the benefits of multiple modes of action for excellent control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds.
  • Clean up specialist in field, seed and sweet corn, offering knockdown of key weeds, with unparalleled crop safety.

Performance Trials

Field Comparison: Glyphsate + Armezon + atrazome + glyphosate
Field Comparison: Glyphosate + Armezon + atrazine + glyphosate

Product Info & Application Guide

Weed Management

Weed Class

List of Weeds

Broadleaf weeds controlled

Common chickweed*
Common lamb’s quarters
Common ragweed
Eastern black nightshade
Fall panicum
Green pigweed
Lady’s thumb
Redroot pigweed
Volunteer canola (all types)
Wild mustard

Grassy weeds controlled

Barnyard grass
Green foxtail
Large crabgrass*
Yellow foxtail


* Suppression

Application Tips

Rainfastness – dependent on glyphosate formulation. See relevant label.
Flat fan or similar spray nozzles should be used for application.
Denser weed infestation requires the use of higher water volumes.
Recommended pressure is 275 kPa.

When to Apply

  • Armezon + Atrazine + glyphosate can be applied to glyphosate-tolerant corn from the 1 to 7 leaf stage.
  • Armezon + Atrazine can be applied to field, seed, and sweet corn from the 1 to 7 leaf stage.
  • Armezon + Frontier® Max + atrazine can be applied when field corn is at the 1 to 3 leaf stage.

Crop or weed type


Broadleaf weeds

1 leaf to 8 leaf stage*

Grassy weeds

1 leaf to 4 leaf stage

* Volunteer canola - 1 to 6 leaf

How Much to Apply


Corn Type Mixes Rates
Glyphosate-tolerant corn

 Armezon herbicide1
+ Atrazine2
+ glyphosate2, 3

15 ml/ac (37 ml/ha)
+ 420 ml/ac (500 g ai/ha)
+ 360 g ae/ac (900 g ae/ha)

Seed, sweet corn

Armezon herbicide
+ Atrazine2
+ Assist®2
+ 28% UAN2

15 ml/acre (37 ml/ha)
+ 420 ml/ac (500 g ai/ha)
+ 1.25% v/v (12.5 L per 1,000 L spray solution)
+ 1.25% v/v (12.5 L per 1,000 L spray solution)

Field corn


Armezon herbicide
+ Frontier Max
+ Atrazine
+ Merge®

15 ml/ac (37 ml/ha)
+ 0.306 L/ac (0.756 L/ha)
+ 420 ml/ac (500 g ai/ha)
+ 0.25% v/v (2.5 L for every 1000 L water)

Armezon herbicide
+ Atrazine2
+ Merge2

15 ml/ac (37 ml/ha)
+ 420 ml/ac (500 g ai/ha)
+ 0.25% v/v (2.5 L for every 1000 L spray solution)

Tank Mixes

For tank mixes with herbicides OTHER THAN glyphosate:

  1. Fill sprayer ½ full with clean water and agitate.
  2. Add dry tank mix partners into the spray tank and agitate.
  3. Add Armezon herbicide and thoroughly mix.
  4. After the Armezon herbicide has visibly dispersed, add any liquid herbicide tank mix partners.
  5. Add either Merge adjuvant to the spray tank or Assist followed by liquid fertilizer (28% UAN).
  6. While agitating, fill the remainder of the tank with water up to the proper level.

For tank mixes of Armezon with glyphosate or with glyphosate plus atrazine, DO NOT add Merge or Assist followed by liquid fertilizer.

NOTE: If using Armezon in tank mixtures, always refer to the tank mix partner's product label for any additional re-cropping restrictions.

Follow Crops4, 5

4 months after application
Winter wheat

Following spring after application
Spring wheat
Navy beans
Field corn

1 A second application of Armezon at 15 ml/ac (37 ml/ha) may be applied, for a total of 30 ml/ac (74 ml/ha) on glyphosate-tolerant corn before the 7-leaf stage.
2 Atrazine, glyphosate, Assist, UAN 28% and Merge are sold separately.
3 Check glyphosate label to confirm application rates.
4 If Armezon is used in a tank-mix, refer to tank-mix partner’s label for any additional follow-crop restrictions.
5 If treated with two applications (30 ml/ac (74 ml/ha)), fields can only be seeded to winter wheat 4 months after application and spring wheat, field corn and canola the following year.