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Post-emergent control of the toughest grassy weeds in canola, flax and pulses.

  • Only requires one post-emergent pass
  • Wide application window
  • Tank-mix flexibility for enhanced weed control
  • No follow crop restrictions

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Applicable On

applicable on - canola


applicable on - potatoes


applicable on - soybeans


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Benefits of Select

  • Select is a systemic herbicide which is translocated from the treated foliage to the growing parts of the leaves, shoots and roots.
  • Applied at 154 ml/ac, Select herbicide offers season-long control of quackgrass, without the need for a fall application of glyphosate.
  • Applied at 77 ml/ac suppresses quackgrass and allows the crop to establish itself without impacting yield. Combined with a fall application of glyphosate, quackgrass can be effectively burned down for the next season.
  • Registered for both aerial and ground application.

Product Info & Application Guide

Weed Management

Weed Class

List of Weeds

Grasses – 2 to 6 leaf (except where indicated)

Barnyard grass
Fall panicum
Foxtail barley1
Green foxtail (2 to 4 leaf)
Large crabgrass
Persian darnel
Proso millet
Smooth crabgrass
Volunteer barley (2 to 4 leaf)
Volunteer canary seed
Volunteer corn
Volunteer oats (2 to 4 leaf)
Volunteer wheat (2 to 4 leaf)
Wild oats (2 to 4 leaf)
Yellow foxtail (2 to 4 leaf)


1  When tank mixed with Liberty® herbicide.

Application Tips

Restricted entry interval – 12 hours

For dense crop canopies, use a minimum water volume of 12 gal/ac to maximize coverage.
Rainfast one hour after application.


Pre-harvest interval

14 days after application for cherries, highbush blueberries and spinach.
21 days after application for edamame, hops, podded legumes and succulent shelled peas and beans.
30 days after application for seedling alfalfa, basil, carrots, chives, coriander, cranberries, fenugreek, parsnips, radishes and red garden beets.
40 days after application for dill seed.
45 days after application for dry bulb onions, dry bulb shallots and garlic.
60 days after application for canola, dried shelled peas and beans, 2 flex, potatoes and mustard (Ethiopian, oriental and yellow).
70 days after application for safflowers.
72 days after application for sunflowers.
75 days after application for field peas, soybeans and pigeon peas.

When to Apply



Brown Mustard
Cherries (sweet and tart)
Dry Beans
Dry Onions
Field peas
Highbush Blueberries
Oriental mustard
Prairie Carnation
Red garden (table) beet
Seedling Alfalfa
Yellow Mustard

Apply to actively growing weeds


1  When tank mixed with Liberty® herbicide.

How Much to Apply

One case of Select herbicide will treat 20 to 60 acres, depending on rate used.

Basil, dried shell peas and beans,2 edamame and podded legumes, pigeon peas, prairie carnation, spinach and succulent shelled peas and beans

77 ml/ac

Canola, flax, field peas, lentils, potatoes, soybeans, sunflowers, mustard (Ethiopian, oriental, yellow), seedling alfalfa, carrots, chives, cherries, coriander, cranberries, dill, dry bulb onions, dry bulb shallots, fenugreek, garlic, highbush blueberries, hops, parsnips, red garden beets, radish, safflower

154 ml/ac


Water volume

Ground application: 22 to 91 L/ac (6 to 24 gal/ac)
Aerial application: 11 to 22 L/ac (3 to 6 gal/ac)


2 Excluding soybeans, field peas, lentils and pigeon peas.


Mixing Order

  1. Ensure the spray tank is clean before use.
  2. Fill the spray tank ½ full of water and start agitation.
  3. If tank mixing with Liberty 150 or Liberty 200 herbicides, add the required amount of Amigo® adjuvant to the tank.
  4. If tank mixing with Buctril® M, Curtail® M, MCPA Ester, Lontrel® 360, Pursuit® or Muster® herbicides, add required amount of these to the tank before adding Select herbicide.
  5. Add the required amount of Select herbicide to the tank.
  6. If tank mixing with Liberty 150 or Liberty 200 herbicides, add the required amount of these to the tank after adding Select.
  7. If tank mixing with Buctril M, Curtail M, MCPA Ester, Lontrel 360, Pursuit or Muster herbicides, add the required amount of Amigo adjuvant to the tank.
  8. Continue agitation while filling remainder of the spray tank.

Tank Mixes

Herbicides for flax: Buctril M, Curtail M, MCPA Ester,3 Lontrel 360,
Herbicides for canola: Lontrel 360, Pursuit,4 Muster, Liberty 150,5 Liberty 2005
Herbicides for field peas: Pursuit  


3 This tank mix may not be applied to low linolenic acid varieties of flax.
4 This tank mix may only be used on Imazethapyr tolerant varieties.
5 This tank mix may only be used on glufosinate ammonium tolerant varieties (LibertyLink).